Mohannad Barakat, Lover of Sports and the Outdoors

April 28, 2016
Mohannad Barakat is an experienced surgeon, but also has many other loves and interests that fill his life.  He is an avid football, baseball and ice hockey fan and more than just a fan, he has played all three.  Mohannad Barakat excelled at American football and played as a quarterback and won multiple school and college championships.  He also loves playing golf and is an amateur ranked player with ten years of experience having participated in multiple PGA tours.

In addition to sports, Mohannad Barakat also loves the outdoors and the activities that go with such as skiing and fishing.  He goes skiing in the Alps and is an intermediate level skier.  He has even competed in fishing competitions.  He also enjoys cooking French and Italian cuisine.
Mohannad Jamil Barakat, GMC, has compiled more than 20 years of experience in the surgical field, helping others through traumatic times as a professional. This same compassion extends into his charitable work with the World Health Organization (WHO).